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Ben and I have been thoroughly enjoying reading this fun book – part of the appeal is that it is set locally so there are many familiar landmarks and references, including the Cape Flats, Southern Suburbs and District Six. … Seekers of the Lost Boy has been the recipient of rave reviews both in South Africa and internationally… and would be a great addition to any pre-teen’s bookshelf.  I recommend it for all South African families … {click here to read more}

Q&A by Laura Ward @ Litnet

laura ward2In today’s instantaneous media culture where entertainment is a click away, youth fiction runs the risk of emphasising spark over substance. Your novel manages to be both an exciting adventure and an exploration of serious issues. How did you achieve that balance?   To be honest, I gave very little thought to balance, processes, action sequences and more. As this is my first novel, I wrote what I knew and loved … {click here to read more}

Author Interview, Review and Giveaway @ Se7en’s Blog:

IMG_4614We liked this book – a lot!!! My middle kids romped through it in a sitting, they were not going to put it down… and I am busy reading it to my younger children, who are eager to hear more, more and more … {click here to read more}


Author Interview @ VillageLearning:

PictureI think it’s wonderful to have a book of fiction that features homeschooling so prominently to come out of South Africa. It goes a long way toward putting the country on the international homeschooling map, but also lends that much more credibility for the homeschooling movement and -community within South Africa itself. Where do you think attitudes about home education in South Africa currently lie?… {click here to read more}

Interview with Cape Home Educators:

What made you decide to write a book?

One of the things that sold me on homeschooling was the Sonlight curriculum. Their slogan is “the way you wish you were taught”. That totally resonated with me. As a high school history and English teacher, I had experienced firsthand how learning about life through literature was an extremely powerful tool. My kids and I have had some incredible learning experiences through the pages of excellent stories. I had always wanted to… {click here to read more}

Seekers @ Story Warren: Allies in Imagination:

IMG_3061I got a book in the mail today. It was from across the ocean, a place I love and miss. Africa.

I wasn’t able to jump right in and read the finished product, so I handed it off to my 10 year old daughter. A couple of hours later, she came downstairs giggling. She could barely get through telling us about a scene in the book that sent her into a laughing fit… {click here to read more}

Mammas and Munchkins June Newsletter:

How did you meet your husband?

We bumped heads. Quite literally! We were in the same youth group, but didn’t know each other. One evening at a crowded, noisy teen party we were introduced. Later, I tried to ask him if he knew where my friend was, and we ended up whacking our foreheads together in an attempt to hear each other over the noise! We were 15 and 17 at the time… {click here to read more}


Youtube Video Links:

Book Trailer

CCfm’s Lynwen Roman interviews Taryn about Seekers, motivation for writing, the characters etc, 29 July 2013

SAfm Literature Show’s Nancy Richards interviews Taryn Hayes about Seekers and homeschooling on Youth Day, 16 June 2013

Interview with Taryn by Frans Swart of East Rand Stereo, April 30, 2013

Home interview with Taryn, April 2013

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