Seekers Unit Study 1 | South Africa (A4)

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Price: R100 (approx $11)   SALE: R90 (approx $10)  The Seekers Unit Study 1 | South Africa (A4) unit…

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Price: R100 (approx $11)   SALE: R90 (approx $10) 

The Seekers Unit Study 1 | South Africa (A4) unit study accompanies the novel and explores many of the themes raised in the story.  If you are a teacher, parent or independent student keen to use Seekers of the Lost Boy as a springboard into all sorts of educational discoveries, then this unit study may just be what you need.  While the study is aimed at students between the age range of 10 – 16 years old, the study also includes activities that will stretch the older student.  As an added bonus, homeschooling families get a full section dedicated to younger members of the family, with lots of activities and four colouring-in pages aimed especially at preschoolers and kids in grades 1 – 3.  The unit study focuses on five learning areas, and includes the following:

  • studies in language arts, with lots of writing opportunities;
  • a hands-on history section, where the student gets to play detective
  • geography studies, including working with and creating maps, and understanding waves and currents
  • cultural studies, including some food fun with a focus on favourites from South Africa
  • a dip into genetics and chromosomes in the science section and a section on weather and weather patterns

The unit can be used in its entirety, which will take around 3-6 months to complete.  Or it can be used as a resource to dip into for the odd activity or area of interest.

Please note that this particular version is suited to users who prefer the A4 paper size over the Letter paper size.  Prefer the Letter format?  Click here: Seekers Unit Study 1 | South Africa (Letter)

Price: R100 (approx $11)   SALE: R90 (approx $10)
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