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Early adult reviews of Seekers of the Lost Boy


“Here’s a story that needs to be told. Not only because of the interesting characters but also because the story line captures a period of South African history that we should never forget.  The story takes in a family of loveable children, history lessons, mystery messages, a lost boy and a family secret. This story will be a welcome addition to any children’s library.”

–  Bishop Frank Retief, Cape Town, South Africa
retired Bishop of Church of England in South Africa,
author, expositor and international conference speaker


“This book skilfully intertwines apartheid, forgiveness and mystery –  all woven together with the delicate flavours of South Africa.  It will cause your child to search his own heart and shape his thoughts for a better future in a dark world.”

– Kelly, Sde Boker, Israel
homeschooling mother of 7 children


“How exciting to find a truly South African adventure story for kids!  Join the Ward children as they journey from Muizenberg Beach to the Cape Flats; from the leafy Southern Suburbs to District Six in search of answers to the questions raised by the message in a bottle that they find.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story – I loved the local touches, loved the historical facts that the kids learn as they chase their story and loved the gospel truths that they learnt on the way as well. Highly recommended!”

– Sue Duke, Cape Town, South Africa
English and Maths teacher and homeschooling mother of 3



“Seekers of the Lost Boy has all the elements of a good story: compelling characters, interesting locations, heroic adventure, and a meaningful quest. With a blend of humour, heart, and seriousness, Hayes crafts a tale that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, following the clues along with Simon & the rest of the Ward family. Enriched with detailed descriptions of South African life past and present, Seekers of the Lost Boy offers a thoughtful look at the legacy of apartheid, the impact of human connection, and the power of redemption. No matter your age, this story of friendship and forgiveness will move and delight you. A must-read!”

– Laura Ward, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
marriage and family therapist


In this engaging debut novel by Taryn Hayes, Simon, the oldest son of homeschooler Rachel Ward, discovers a message in a bottle on Muizenberg beach. The adventure unfolds as the family uncovers a mystery that takes them into the heart of South Africa’s gut-wrenching history and as Rachel is prompted to come to terms with her own unresolved past. Taryn Hayes weaves the Christian gospel message masterfully into this enjoyable tale, which is highly recommended for a tween audience.

– Renette Pickering, Cape Town, South Africa
Copy editor and writer


“Seekers of the Lost Boy is unique. There are few children’s books that look at life’s big questions in the grit of real history. As the characters hear the good news about Jesus their hearts are transformed, right in the middle of very difficult circumstances. It is refreshing to find the author never patronising her readers. Yet the story is told sensitively with great gentleness. It is full of hope, joy, adventure and intrigue. I was moved to tears as I read it. Owning this book would be a great investment in the spiritual life of any child.”

– Kerry Newill, Perth, Australia
wife of senior pastor and homeschooling mom


Reviews from target market: kids!

“I really, really, really enjoyed this book!  It was so relaxing, well-written, and interesting to listen to!”

Marc, 10 years old


“Beautiful and wonderful descriptions: you can actually feel the colours.  Clever mystery and very tense.  Excellent story!”

Amy, 12 years old


Seekers of the Lost Boy is a wonderfully woven story filled with excitement, comedy, mystery and emotion.  Every character has a special and unique personality vital to the book. Whether hilarious and boisterous like Nic, excited and happy like Kim, serious though fun like Simon or thrilling and funny like Doc, all the characters fit into the book like magic!

Kiera, 10 years old


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